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Guild Leadership Structure Empty Guild Leadership Structure

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Guild officers direct the guild in its development and handle the day-to-day activities required to keep the guild running smoothly. Much of their effort and input occur "behind the scenes" but they are always putting in extra time to assure that the guild remains a well-oiled machine.

The top guild officer is the guild leader and director. Both positions have the absolute say it what happens within the guild and ultimately responsible for the success (or failure) of the guild as a whole.

Guild Marshal and Executors assist the both leader and director in determining the direction of the guild and handle the day to day tasks required to keep the guild running smoothly. Officers lead TW, provide feedback on member performance and help in determining strategies and PvE schedules. One of the most important responsibilities of any Guild Officer is to actively promote the Goals of the Guild.

These Guidelines are offered to Executors Officers in order to provide benevolent direction for their respective duties and responsibilities.

Executor is the core officer of the guild. There are 12 Executor: 2 Executors for each of classes (note: due to the shortage of wizard class, other class will fill in the positions based on the leadership ability)
TW function: (squad leaders)
Executors’ responsibility is to train their corresponding class about the role they serve for TW and advise in the area of teamwork. Executors are also responsible to develop a strategy for their squad to fight cohesively and cooperatively. They can be viewed as the mini-TW leaders. If War Commander is unavailable and there is a planned or unplanned military action Commander will ask one of the Executors to lead the army. Hence Executors must know the status of all Keeps and other strategic targets at all times.
Guild Management:
Executors are also expected to help guilds to evaluate potential recruits. Executors are empowered to control, manage, discipline the guild based on our guild culture and policy guidelines. Whenever the leader/director are not online, Executors (as well as Marsh) have authority over all guild members on matters in dispute.
· Discussion and voting on guild policies and issues.
· Guild application processing.
· Website development and maintenance.
· Evaluation of member conduct and performance.
· Enforce guild policies and rules.
· TW leadership, scheduling and organization.
· Discussion and voting on promotions/demotions for guild members.
· Organize and assist PvE events to help gears or key members.
Permissions: Granted full Officer access and additional administrator permissions on the website.
TW preference: Grant full Officer to issue charms, money, etc to squad members. Determine TW composition (class balance) as needed.

Deals with other Guild Relations, plans for TW, admins Guild Forum, manages PVE Planning.

governs the guild, settles disputes, plans for PVE HH, Budgets & forecasts expenses, and Recruitment.

Marshal - TW
acts as TW War General, plans strategy for war, leads battles, and provide training

Marshal - Admin
Manages guild storage characters and responsible for the TW Expenses Account, assist with TW weekly paid out.

Marshal - Recruiting/PVE
acts as an ambassador to other factions, recruits members. Assist with guild PVE Planning; organize weekly TW signup and Squad management.

Marshal - PVE/Event
Plans for guild events for morale and team building, responsible for guild event account, assist director with PVE Planning such as TT, Boss runs.

***Most Loyal, dedicated and passionate member; High expectations and assigned duties need to be delivered***

12 Executors:
1 for each class: L65+
Squad Leader at TW, 1st level of Chain of command, assists at keeping guild in order.
Executor of their class will be responsible for helping their class members with level questions, Skill/Points questions and training, etc.
***Special requirement: Must have Micophone for TW


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