Crimson is full of bullshit

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Crimson is full of bullshit Empty Crimson is full of bullshit

Post  Sawechi on Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:27 am

Ok, So that morning we got into a rumble with unrivaled :p shhhh, we made up and had some sportmanship 1v1s outside safezone, so everything is okay there.

I couldn't get a better ss, so I ss'd my damage log.

Note: Alex left a few minutes before crimson showed up, and Dieu attked me for no reason as you see by the log, so I attked back, and d5 and Nova came to help, Azn was there too, but he doesn't count Very Happy

Well, apparently Iffy was chasing 4 of them into safezone? 1v4 yea...
but they attked me so we helped Iffy

You can talk to Alex about the 1v1s for validation


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